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O L I V E R   H O M E  

Oliver! is a musical rendition of Charles Dickens classic novel "Oliver Twist", opened in London in 1960 and ran for 2619 performances.

The musical tells the tale of a boy, named Oliver who is discovered by the apprentice of an aging mentor of pickpockets, the Artful Dodger.

When the Dodger takes Oliver in, the main character discovers his new home is in the slums. Taken in immediately by robber Fagin, his psychopathic henchman, Bill Sikes, and Sikes' loved one(or is she?), Nancy.

When he ends up briefly going into the custody of the police, he discovers an unexpected, yet wanted treasure: a family of his own.

With a great plot, great songs to go with Oliver! and Clay Hillwig mounting this production it is surely an old favorite that will be new again!!!

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