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Celebrating the Achievements

of Circle's

2018-2019 Season!

The 2019 Circle Awards, celebrating our 69th & Broadway season, will be held rain or shine on Sunday, September 8 beginning at 5 PM at Amqui Station (303 Madison Station Blvd, Madison, TN 37115). Tickets include a cocktail party, awards ceremony and performances. Summer outdoor cocktail attire encouraged.

Circle Awards Nominees/Categories 2019

Best Director

Jim Manning- Newsies

Brian Jones- Avenue Q

Matthew Hayes Hunter - If/Then

Tosha Pendergrast – A Chorus Line

Best Show



Avenue Q


A Chorus Line

Best Costumes

Denese Kelley – Newsies 

Denese Kelley - Hair

Denese Kelley – Avenue Q

Alexius Frost – If/Then

Billy Ditty – A Chorus Line

Best Lighting Design

Daryl Ritchie – Newsies 

Daniel DeVault – Hair

Gabrielle Blackburn – Avenue Q

Daniel DeVault – If/Then

Kristen Dubois– A Chorus Line

Best Set Design

Jim Manning – Newsies 

Jim Manning – Avenue Q

Jim Manning – If/Then

Tosha Pendergrast – A Chorus Line

Best Music Direction

Dee Hammonds  – Newsies

Emily Dennis  – Hair

Wesley King – Avenue Q

Emily Dennis – If/Then

Rollie Mains – A Chorus Line

Best Actress

Melissa Silengo – (Katherine) Newsies

Amanda Grace Creech – (Sheila) Hair

Carly Rose – (Kate Monster) Avenue Q

Emily Summers – (Elizabeth) If/Then

Taylor Tracey – (Cassie) A Chorus Line

Best Actor

Michael Sallee – (Jack) Newsies

Nicholas Ryan – (Claude) Hair

Alex Pineiro – (Princeton) Avenue Q

Bryan Royals – (Josh ) If/Then

Kaleb Frey – (Paul) A Chorus Line

Best Supporting Actress

Addison Bowen – (Les) Newsies 

Maggie Wood – (Jeanie) Hair

Sara Smith – (Gary Coleman) Avenue Q

Taylor Simon – (Kate) If/Then

Nancy Tillman – (Val) A Chorus Line 

Best Supporting Actor

Dwayne Mitchell – (Davey) Newsies 

Desmond Kirkland – (Hud) Hair

Clint Randolph – (Rod) Avenue Q

Tyler Inabinette – (David) If/Then

Alex Dee – (Mike) A Chorus Line

Best Cameo

Katharine Boettcher – (Medda) Newsies 

Blake Holliday – (Margaret Meade) Hair

Carter Wright – (Newcomer) Avenue Q

Nicholas Ryan – (A Street Musician & Others) If/Then

Gerold Oliver – (Richie) A Chorus Line

Best Vocalist

Michael Sallee – (Jack) Newsies 

Lindsey Kaye – (Konny) Hair

Taylor Simon – (Lucy the Slut) Avenue Q

Morgan Riggs – (Anne) If/Then 

Rachael Baldwin – (Maggie) A Chorus Line

Best Choreography

Tosha Pendergrast – Newsies 

Tosha Pendergrast – Hair 

Jamie Emery & Carter Wright – Avenue Q

Tosha Pendergrast – If/Then

Tosha Pendergrast – A Chorus Line 

Best Ensemble

Newsies- Ensemble

Hair- Ensemble

Avenue Q– Ensemble

If/Then– Full Cast

A Chorus Line  - Ensemble

Directors' Honorees

William Robinson

Clay Hillwig

Allison Hardee

Tyler Inabinette

Brian Kaufman

Kristen Dubois

Gabrielle Blackburn

Laura Knotts Jennings

Daniel DeVault

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